Artists are the shamens of the post-modern world
and there is only one thing for them to do,
the natural world."
Joseph Campbell
Power of the Myth

My art is inspired by science, by natural patterns,  
by all sentient beings whether beautiful, mundane,
mysterious or scary and the wonderful  complexity
and  interdependency  of Earths living systems.

My environmental teaching is impassioned by my
desire to protect life on earth and keep the world
as natural and wild as possible.
Nancy Forrester
My philosophy is to keep Earth green and cool,
protect its natural patterns and myriad life forms.  I
live simply, and practice reduce, reuse, recycle,
share living space with others in my home, a small
two story historic conch house modernized only to
comply with safety regulations.  
    My spiritual practice is founded in Earth’s life-force. I
am nature and nature is me. I have a moral
obligation to protect the natural world.  My good
conduct towards the earth is the measure of my self
worth. Patriarchies have designated sacred places
on Earth. They are typically monumental natural
formations, the highest mountain, the deepest
canyon, the largest waterfall.   Small places on Earth
are power points too. In 1969, when I first stood on
this “little piece of dirt” as the developers describe
it, I felt a supernatural energy coming from the
ground. I vowed I would never impede its flow with
as much as a brick. The word “Sacred” comes to
mind.  My chosen one acre microcosm is of great
magnitude to the
My art can be an object or an experience. In 1993.   
I put down my canvas, brushes and paint in search
of a better medium in which to save the land under
my domain.  Being certain of the land’s value to
Earth and to mankind, and being inspired by new art
forms, I blended mediums.  Conceptual art, fusion of
art and life, performance and site specific installation
are just a few disciplines that give form and
meaning to my work.  I opened a Visionary
Environment to the public known as Nancy Forrester’
s Secret Garden with the hopes of gaining a large
audience, teaching love and understanding of this
natural resource which offers sanctuary, inspiration,
food, medicine, oxygen, thermal cooling and even
My money is gone.  Still it is rumored I am rich.  It is
also rumored I am an egotistical hobbyist.  The truth
is I have borrowed three times during the last 15
years, pulling the equity of out of this land in order
to keep the garden alive and teach the ethics of
environmentalism.  Now the banks are not offering
me refinancing.
    My feminine wisdom comes from observing patterns
in nature. I studied painting from 1956-1960 at the
College of Architecture and Design at the University
of Michigan, the modus operandi was Abstract
Expressionism. Higher learning was devoid of female
instructors and artists. Instructor Frede Vidar
offered this critique: “Your work is too feminine, your
brush strokes too delicate, your color too soft.  Redo
the project!  Emulate artists who paint with force
and power.  Never sign your first name on a
canvas!  Hide your gender; otherwise you will not
get into exhibits.”  I redid my assignment copying
Frans Kline’s black and white slashes.  I got A’s.  
That was the last time I compromised my art.  Now
with human extinction on the fast lane, my wisdom
obliges me to engage everyone especially the
patriarchy to support and take fiscal action to save
the garden from development.
    At 71, my life’s environmental work, a beautiful
tropical garden adorned with endangered plants
and animals, a sanctuary for rescued parrots, an
eco-arts residency program and my contribution to
the quality of life and tourism in Key West could
disappear.  I must ask you for fiscal help.  I face
personal collapse. There is not much time left.  I
endorse Mana Project’s capital campaign ( acquire
the property and make the transition from private to
public garden for future generations. This allows me
to continue my work here.
Please become a Member, Sponsor a Parrot, or
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Please contact me 305-294-0015