Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden
Land Art by artist-activist Nancy
Jesper Roos, age six:
Nancy's Garden is
like a giant lung it
provides fresh air for
all of Key West.
This "garden" does not fit into traditional garden design.  The site is not
an ALL PLANT GARDEN dedicated to horticultural function, decoration, or
This site is open to the public as an IDEA GARDEN.  
It is a form of persuassion.
A place where the artist can express her highly personal  and frequently unorthadox beliefs
about the proper use of money and healthful living.  It is a handmade environment that
expresses a personal moral conviction.  Where I quote at lenght my own poinant and tragic
story. Where the environment surrounds and envelopes the two historical buildings
It express profoundly personal
far-flung garden richly rewarding and inspiring. Fiercly
independent individual  handmade environment years of obsessive work expresses
profoundly personal and frequently onoxthodox beliefs form of persuasion a place to make
public the creator heartfelt ideas about the past and the future or healthful living the form it
took was no materials no brick no mortar extraordinary sigage. individual unique creation.
how does it fit into traditional garden design religious archetecture environmental sculpture
and folk an artist I have the compulsion to create the sense of place, an an inflamed
visionary spirit quoted at lenght my own poignant and pungent commentary on what they
have created and why
A site endowed with public concepts  botanical value, a
naturalized woodland garden nicknamed Key West's rainforest, with arroids, fern
orchids, and 150 different kinds of palms,  historical and cultural value,    Centariun
fruit trees   planted by the Conchs 100 years ago,  environnmental  value (last acre of
undeveloped wooded land in the heart of old town)  artistic  value beautiful jewel of
the tropics,  magnet for artists and naturalists . Sanctuary value used for sensory
perception for peace for thearpy ceremonies resting place for the deceased skeptical
acceptance ideosyncratic genus tenacious faith and unalienated labor. An art that
aspires to say much compelling subject  hand made environment that express a
personal ans moral vision I chose on my birthday to identify myself as an artist and
identified by others  Environment surrouns and engulfs the houses result of many
years of work material world challanges credulity little prior knowledge. language of
art environment outsider, isolate,eccentric,grassroots vernacular,naive a distance
from conventions and high culture. pejorative as well. creation marginal statusstress
isolationa nd art born of social and cultural circumstances. looks like a Word garden
in a particular collection of plants Garden a private space  a collection of
plants intended as a place of refuge or leisure. it is the prevailing metaphor for
paradise exalted sence humble sense a patch of earth from which we coax our food.
Garden is a bounded space brought under control/ to some measure of perfection
creato endows with particular personal meanings. to share with the world.My garden
is where my private speculation makes it appearance before the public I defined a
conception of nature and its place in the world.
A Visionary