I am nature and nature is me
Rare Green Banded
Ligumn Vitae
Tree Snail
Future science rest upon the
mystery's of nature.
The gigantic nerve cells of this
mollusk have been used
in axion dendritic research.

Acrylic painting 10 X 8               Neurilemma
Neuron-transmitter   Synapse
When I harm the natural world I harm myself
Homage to Lucy, a magnificent
exotic parrot, Costa Rica's poster
promoted as one of Earths' ten
most beautiful avians.  Tragically
Lucy is a
commodity for trade, one
of 6 million parrots in America's
throw away society.
Caged Scarlet Macaw
Life expectancy
100 years
    Caged and Flightless Recognition
limited edition glycine print
Do you know there is no natural world anymore?
Wild nature disappears to
Contract Landscaping, quick
formula installations and to the  
common refrain of

"I  Love to Garden"
glycine print                           My Backyard